Haircuts for round shaped faces

2014 Short Bob Hairstyles

This year too bob hairstyle is among the most popular and most frequently chosen hairstyles by beauty bunnies and celebrities. There are numerous styles of bob haircut but if you are looking for the one to highlight strong personality and sexuality opt for short bob hairstyle.

2014 short bob hairstyle

sexy short bob haircut

Thanks to modern hair cutting techniques you will be able to adopt desired image. All you have to do is to take into consideration some factors that will help you to choose the most flattering style for you.

Haircuts for round shaped faces

Hairstyle is a very influential part of your appearance. It draws attention or hides some features on your face. Women with round faces should pay attention to their hairstyle because roundness shouldn’t be emphasized. For this reason you should know which hairstyle is advisable for you and which is not.

As we know when choosing a hairstyle we pay attention to our facial features, face shape and type of the hair. You should find out the proper hairstyles for your face shape not to emphasize its roundness.

One of the most frequent mistakes is to choose a short hairstyle above chin. This hairstyle reveals the roundness of your face which isn’t required. So it is advisable to wear hairstyle below chin.

2013 hairstyles for round face shapesCute Medium hairstyles for round face shapes

Medium hairstyles for round face shapesround face shapes haircuts

Medium hairstyles for round face shapes

Medium hairstyles are very suitable for round shaped faces. The length of the hair is advised to be below chin. The more eye catching effect is reached when the hair is straight as it slims the shape of the face making it more oval. Bangs should be swept on one side. Try not to wear curls on your chin. Slimming effect is obtained by making your hair curly on the crown section of your head or by layering your curly mid length hair. All these secrets make your round face more oval.

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