Asymmetrical haircuts 2013

2013 is a year of experiments with numerous hair styles. And one of the most important features of the year is asymmetry. You can create a stylish haircut on hair of every length.

Asymmetrical haircuts 2013Asymmetrical hairstyles 2013

haircuts 2013Short asymmetrical haircuts 2013

It of course depends on your way of life and personality what hairstyle and what kind of asymmetry you will choose. But be sure that you can find something for you because the hairstyles are really versatile. Hair cutting options and innovations are really surprising. When changing your appearance you always start from your hair as it is the most important thing while updating your look. And in order to look gorgeous and unique you should turn to your hairdresser asking for an asymmetrical haircut of 2013. You know that a hairstyle which you have seen in a magazine or on somebody doesn’t necessarily suit you. Your facial features and hair type may not coincide with hers. Ask your professional hair stylist for a good piece of advice so as you don’t look funny after the haircut is done. Hairstyles for curly and straight hair are different. Other important factor is the length of your hair as asymmetry doesn’t look the same on long, midi and short hair.

Short asymmetrical haircutsasymmetrical short haircuts 2013

Short asymmetrical haircuts

Short hair is becoming more and more popular among young girls and women. They realize how sexy and cool short hairstyles can be. Short hairstyles in their turn are rather different, from extremely short to ear length. It depends on way of life and personal character. Twisty short hairstyle is a pixie one, of course with touch of asymmetry. This looks cool and fresh in every situation. On the top of your head you just need to have long hair such as your bangs because they must be on your forehead. And we shouldn’t forget about another famous hairstyle which is again created on short hair which gradually turns into long on the other side of the head. This hairstyle is especially admirable when bangs are added to it.

Long asymmetrical haircuts 2013Long asymmetrical haircuts

very long hairstyles 2012

Long haircuts 2013

Long asymmetrical haircuts

Long hair gives you the opportunity to do many things and to try many hairstyles. If you are brave and self-confident, if you are not afraid of great attention towards you and you consider yourself unique we recommend you to razor cut hair or another version, which is more interesting. Cut your hair short on your neck and make it gradually longer in the front. Don’t forget about your facial features and hair type. The haircut should be suitable for you.

Nice-Girls-Medium-Asymmetrical-Bangs-HairstyleMedium asymmetrical haircuts 2013

Medium hairstyles 20132013 Medium Asymmetrical Hairstyle

Medium asymmetrical haircuts

Medium hairstyles are more versatile and give you the opportunity to experiment with different haircuts. Asymmetrical haircut looks more interesting here because the length of the hair is more different. Bob haircuts are the most popular because they are feminine. Asymmetrical bob hairstyle is astonishing on straight hair as it is emphasized by stunning locks. That doesn’t mean that curly bobs aren’t beautiful. They just aren’t so much effective.



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