Blunt cut hairstyles

If you have soft and feminine facial features blunt cut hairstyles are just for you because you can emphasize the beauty and uniqueness of your face.

It is vital to look beautiful, stylish and special. And it is not a secret that your hairstyle can make your appearance either a wonder or a horror. So you should realize what hairstyles suit you and which not in order not to be the second mentioned type. You can easily look elegant and nice with a proper haircut. The same haircut can’t be right for every person. The best choice depends on your facial features, character, and hair type. Blunt cut hairstyles are considered to be suitable for feminine and gentle facial features.

Blunt Cut Hairstyles short hairBlunt Cut short Hairstyles 2013

If you want to create a blunt cut hairstyle first pay attention to your hair. It must be healthy, shiny and have a good look. When it is damaged or dry it won’t have the desired effect.

Blunt cuts have the advantage of revealing or concealing certain features of your face.  The haircut can be straight or angled. The latter is softer and twisty.

DIY Braided Hairstyle Designs 2013

DIY braided hairstyle designs have been seen in numerous runway shows will now. It makes clear that this trend is going to be extremely popular in 2013. They are considered to be quite fabulous and eye-catching. You can also be among those who turn to the help of these hairstyles. Take a closer look at the pictures of DIY braided hairstyle designs 2013 and be inspired with the most innovative ideas.

2013 Braided Hairstyles2013 DIY Braided Hairstyles

fishtail hairstyle 2013Braided Hairstyle Designs 2013

Braids are dominant in the coming year. Though it is rather simple still there is something that makes it so extraordinary. As we know braids are rather girly and lovely, but at the same time they can be elegant either, proper for formal occasions as well. Braids also allow you to experiment with various interesting ideas. Moreover you don’t much time to style a cute braid. Considering all the mentioned advantages don’t hesitate to choose one of the alternatives represented below.

2013 Creative Medium Hairstyles

New season hairstyles are all about versatility and texture and the easiest way to create trendy look is to wear midi haircut. Latest hair cutting and styling techniques offer you to forget about classy and simple hairstyles and choose creative haircuts that will vamp up your look in a flash.

2013 creative midi haircut

2013 choppy layered medium haircut

2013 asymmetric midi haircut

2013 tousled medium hairstyle

If you already have medium haircut, you can easily add modern touch to your style by styling your tresses mussed up. On the other hand, if you are looking for new haircut that will complete your bold personality, check out the following selection of creative medium hairstyles and pick the most beloved style for your transformation.

Trendy Haircuts for Frizzy Hair

New haircut is the best option to breathe life to your tresses and create brand new look. Furthermore, new stylish haircut with help you to break out of your boring shell and forget about bad hair days. It seems that there is nothing easier than choosing new haircut and enjoying infinite advantages of your brand new style. It can be really easy for those who have smooth and silky hair so what about women with frizzy and unmanageable tresses. I must say that it is really a hard job to find perfect style for frizzy and dry hair.

how to deal with frizzy hair

how to style frizzy hair

African American women most often have frizzy hair and they know how hard it is to style frizzy hair. You can also cause your hair look dull and frizzy if you do not take care of it in a proper way. First of all do not overload your hair with styling products. The excessive usage of styling tools is next thing that can make your hair frizzy so you’d better keep your hair natural.

Incredible Hair Color Ideas for 2013 Summer

It is high time to leave behind cold winter days and spice up your look for coming summer. The easiest way to brighten up your look in a flash is to opt for new hair color. Furthermore, brand new color will help you to break out of your boring shell and make a real style statement with your hairstyle.

2013 bold hair color ideas

2013 incredible hair color idea

2013 hot hair color trend

2013 bright hair colors

If you are in need of inspiration, check out the following selection of incredible hair color ideas and pick the one for your next hot look.

Glamorous Hair Color 2013

Elegant hair colors 2013 Bold hair color 2013

hair color 2013 Cool Red Hair colour 2013

2013 Bold Teal Hair Highlights

Alternative hairstyles have become very popular recently. Asymmetric haircut combined with vibrant hair color makes a real fashion statement so if you want to emphasize your strong personality and become a real trendsetter, kiss goodbye to your casual and boring hairstyle and opt for the hottest haircut and hair color.

lady gaga teal hair color

bold teal highlights

Wide palette of vibrant colors will first confuse you, however if you want to have really show stopping look, choose teal hair color. This shade is popular among emos and punks as well as among celebrities who like nontraditional look. Lady Gaga is the most eccentric celebrity who often rocks the red carpet with her shocking hairstyle and hair color. She opted for block coloring that looked really bold and funky. If you are not ready for dramatic changes, you can add few teal highlights to your base tone that will spice up your look with edgy and hot twist.

2013 Elegant Hair Highlights Ideas

If you want to upgrade your look but you are not ready for drastic changes, there is still perfect solution to breathe life to your tresses without making dramatic changes. Subtle hair highlights will give brand new look to your hairstyle. Furthermore, elegant hair highlighting will add extra volume and definition to your hairstyle.

natural looking hair highlights 2013

2013 hair highlights

2013 natural looking highlights

2013 subtle hair highlights

There are zillion hair highlights styles for any taste and hairstyle so that you will surely find the most flattering style for you.  If you still doubt whether hair highlighting will be suitable for you or not, skim through this amazing selection of 2013 subtle hair highlights ideas and choose the most beloved style for your next hot look.