Long Hair Style Ideas

If you have long hair than it is needless to think that they lack versatility. Turn to the help of few easy styling tricks and you are ready to look quite different and interesting every day. You should think of getting out of the dull and monotonous hair days and amaze everyone with your innovative ideas.

Long hairstyles 2013Long hairstyles

Just considering the occasion you can get quite interesting and various designs from one and the same haircut. You don’t even have to turn to your pro hairstylist. Everything is possible to do on your own. One alternative is to plait the fringe section and pull it to one side. After it secure the style with a pin.

Bump Hairstyle

For an evening party it is quite advisable to turn to a bump hairstyle for dramatic changes and rather proper outlook. Moreover it makes the texture of the hair much finer. It is up to how to style the bump. One variant is to place it at the crown of the head and get the impression of 60’s. Another good alternative is to complement the bump hairstyle with a bang or else some long layers in the front part of the head.

2013 Half updo hairstyles for long hairLong updo hairstyles for 2013

Curly Hairstyle

Texture and volume are always proper for various events. It is up to you to choose relaxed or else tousled design. Both of the are equally fabulous. Think of big curls as well. They are rather easy to get with the help of a curling iron. Curl your hair section by section and then secure each curl detached with pins and let them cool down. After they cool down remove each pin carefully, smooth the curls with a paddle brush and divide into separate curls with the help of your fingers.

Long blonde hairstyles 2013Cute long hairstyles 2013

Change the Parting

You may consider it a very simple style switch but let’s not forget that it may cause really dramatic changes in your outlook. Many women avoid side parting especially those with fine hair. They think that side parting will make one side of the hair look finer than the other. The solution to this problem is rather easy. You should turn to diagonal parting. That means you simply have to start from one side of the forehead and gradually come to the centre of the head. By the way sleek straight hairstyles with centre parting suit mainly girls and women with round and oval face shape. On contrary side parting matches almost all face shapes.

Long center parted hairstyles 2013hair style for women 2013



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