Summer 2013 Hairstyles with Bangs

If you want to upgrade your look for coming summer but at the same time you are not ready for drastic changes, you can easily give brand new look to your hairstyle by wearing a bang. Furthermore, stylish bang will beautifully frame your face and emphasize your best features so if you are still not sure whether bang will be suitable for you or not, check out the following selection summer hairstyles with bangs and pick the most beloved one for your next beauty session.

Before choosing a bang you should keep in mind some factors like your face shape and hairstyle. If you have round face shape you’d better choose side swept bang that will create an illusion of oval face shape. If you want to hide your large forehead, choose eyebrow sweeping bang, while for narrow forehead you should wear baby bang that will open your face.

2013 short haircut with side bang

2013 trendy short hairstyle

2013 pixie haircut with long bang

2013 cool short haircut with a bang

Short Haircut with Bang

Latest trends of short hairstyles are all about long and choppy bangs. You can wear short pixie haircut with longer bang that will look really hot and trendy. Once you create short crop cut hairstyle with longer bang and style hair tousled, flipped back, wavy or super sleek. The options are really numerous.

2013 midi haircut with side bang

2013 chic bob hairstyle with side bang

Medium Haircut with Bang 2013

Midi hairstyle is the most popular one that will furnish you with numerable styling options and lovely bang will be a smashing complement to any medium hairstyle. Both side swept and blunt bangs will be trendy for summer. This year tousled hairstyles are hot and stylish and all you need is texturizer to style your hair.

long hair with layered bang

long hairstyle with bang 2013

Long Hairstyle with Bang 2013

Ladies with long hair always look so feminine and attractive and stylish bang can a fabulous complement to both layered and blunt cut hairstyles.  In this case too your choice should depend on your face shape. If you want to hide the width of your cheeks, choose longer side bang, while for bolder look choose blunt bang and style it super sleek with flat iron. Regular trimming will help you to keep your bang well shaped.




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