2013 Long Hairstyle Ideas with Centre Parting

Every girl has at least once experienced the problem of how to style the hair when waking up in the morning. You start to think when to part it in the centre or to make side parting and even consider the idea of letting the hair as it is. In any case hair styling is a difficult task.

So our article is devoted to long hairstyle ideas with centre parting. These hairstyles have a great advantage of saving a lot of time. You just have to find out the centre of your head and do the parting. In addition to it apply some styling gel or mousse for a long lasting effect, so that your hair won’t be tousled from the wind.

long center parted hairstyles 2013

long center parted hairstyles 2012

When choosing a centre parting you don’t need to think of your hair texture as it is proper for any hair type. There is a tendency to have centred parting with short crops still the number of women that prefer centre parting with long wavy and curly hair is raising day by day. Centre parting is also proper for various clothing types from casual jeans wear to rather formal evening gown or a cocktail dress.

Long Center Part hairstyle 2013

People have tendency to imitate celebrity hairstyles. Thus we must inform you that celebrities mostly prefer centre parted designs for the red carpet events recently.

Center partes black hairstyles 2013

Center partes black hairstyles 2012

Center Part Runway hairstyles

Center Part Runway hairstyles

When to Have This Hairstyle

 In spite of the fact that we said that anyone can afford a centre parted hairstyle still there are some recommendations. Centre parting is most proper for those who have round face shape. That perfectly makes the facial features longer and slimmer. Nose is also very important aspect to consider if you want to turn to centre parted hairstyle. It works perfect with a nice shaped nose. There is a statement that one eye of us is better than the other. So you should work hard in order to conceal the “bad” one and underline the “good” one. So style your hair in the “bad” part a bit wee in the case of centre parting. And lastly we would like to say that the easiest way for centre parting is to mess the hair and shake the head. After which you will see where the hair separates. Make your parting right from there.

Center Part Blonde haircut

Red carped long hairstyles 2013

Red carped long hairstyles 2012



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