Fall/Winter 2014 Banana Hairstyles Ideas

If you need some changes in your outlook and don’t want to change the hair cut itself we would like to introduce you the banana hairstyle ideas that seem to make us return to the retro style of 60’s. Underline your natural beauty and femininity with the help of this marvelous hairstyle and be in the centre of attention due to it.

Banana Hairstyles 2014banana hairstyles

The power to attract attention is gained due to the fact that it is styled in a bit extraordinary way. The main component here is the banana shape design which is created at the top part of the head. It gives a sort of retro touch to you. Btu at the same time it is rather trendy and fashionable. Not to forget the amount versatility that it contains.

Long Banana HairstylesBlonde Banana Hairstyles

As you know hairstyle is a very important part of you outlook. Thus you should pay very special attention to it and try to be maximum stylish by getting the best design for you. Let us add that banana hairstyles can be worn on any kind of occasion irrespective of being formal or informal. But you should be very brave in order to wear this hairstyle because it draws a very big amount of attention everywhere you appear to go.

Fall/Winter 2014 Banana hairstyle is not difficult to create at all. The needed tools and products are a styling mousse and some styling skills. One thing is very important. It is the length of the hair. Long tresses are needed to create a banana as it is gathered at the front part of the head. Moreover they are waved in order to get the desired retro look. This hairstyle is for women who are fond of boosting their feminine features.

Elegant Banana HairstylesBanana Hairstyles ideas 2014

On the other hand banana hairstyle can be styled differently depending on the personal preferences. It can be worn at the top part of the head or on contrary at lower section. The necessary thing is to twist the hair in order to get a hair roll. Use some pins to secure the “banana”.

Hair care plays a leading role in the sphere of hair styling. Since hairstyle will look pretty is the hair is in bad condition or else unhealthy.



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