Fabulous Hairstyles for winter 2014

You hairstyle need some dramatic change with each coming year. Try out various interesting designs from natural-looking tresses to braids, updos and ponytails. All of them are considered to be rather stylish in winter 2014. Below are represented some fabulous hairstyles right from the runway. You are free to try them out. For that very reason take a closer look at the alternatives we offer.

Hairstyles for winter 2011-2012Hairstyles for winter 2012

Half up hairstyles for winter 2012Half up half down hairstyles 2012

Nowadays all the runways are full of trendy hairstyles for winter 2014. There are various designs like wet looking to sleek straight ones as well as many others, so that everyone could be satisfied irrespective of your hair length and texture. Try out messy buns, ponytails, loose alternatives and many others.

Long Hairstyles for winter 2012winter hairstyles 2012

Even the world famous designers are working hard to fill the runways with latest innovative trends. The preference in 2014 is given to centre parting. This style has a unique ability to elongate the face and make it thinner. Moreover get your shiny and glamorous hair back again. Nina Ricci thinks that the most fabulous hairstyle for winter 2014 will be the reinvention of retro style. Thus she offers to go back to half-up hairstyle which is backcombed at the top of the head.


ponytail hairstyles 2012elegant ponytails hairstyles 2012

Ponytail hairstyles for winter 2011-2012ponytails 2012

Let’s not forget about ponytails 2014. These special hairstyles that are rather easy to style and don’t require much efforts and time contain much elegance and femininity. Moreover they are quite practical and can be worn to many various occasions from simple to very formal. You can wear this style day and night without any discomfort. Another design for ponytails is to take one strand from the pony and wrap it around its base.

Bun hairstyles for winter 2012Bun hairstyles

Hairstyles with bun 2012Bun hairstyles for long hair

Another solution to the problem of hair styling is buns hairstyles. There are numerous designs for buns from loose, romantic ones to hot twists. All of them are waiting for you to try them out. For example Channel offers to part the hair at the side, make a loose ponytail. And then wrap it close to ear. In general side parting is becoming popular in 2014.




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