2013 Edgy Buzz Cut Hairstyle for Women

Classy buzz cut hairstyle is common option for men but when it comes to buzz cut hairstyle for women, most of you may think that it is rather eccentric. However, recently the trend of going super short is very strong and millions of women choose buzz cut style to have bold look. In fact, super short crop cut hairstyle is perfect alternative for those who are confident.


2013 Buzz-cut-hairstyles


Edgy Buzz-cut-hairstyles-2013

Buzz cut hairstyle is not the one that will look simple so if you think that you are not ready for dramatic makeover, you’d better stay away from creating short crop cut hairstyle. On the other hand, if you want to have really bold and eye catching look, do not stuck in a rut and chop off your long locks. Once you create buzz cut hairstyle, there will be no option to change your image and all you will be able to do is to be patient and grow out hair. Draw some inspiration from these examples of 2013 edgy buzz cut hairstyles and get ready for total transformation.

trendy Buzz-cut-hairstyles-2013

Super short hairstyle

Before going shorter you should consider several factors like the shape of scalp, face shape and facial features.  Such bold hairstyle will be perfectly suitable for oval face shape so opt for buzz cut hairstyle to highlight your best features.

The greatest advantage of buzz cut hairstyle is low hair care routine. Low maintenance as well as simple hair care routine will help you to spend minimal effort and time on hair styling. Furthermore, buzz cut hairstyle will help you to get rid of hair problems like hair thinning or slip ends.

Bold Buzz-cut-hairstyles

Sexy Buzz-cut-hairstyles-2013




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