Most Glamorous Hair Color Ideas 2014

Prepare your locks for the coming season. You can not only change your hairstyle but also choose some new color for your tresses. It will certainly help to give a fresh breathe to your routine and also amaze everyone surrounding you. We are eager to inspire you with some innovative ideas for the most glamorous hair colors.

Black hair color 2014Brown hair color 2014

Long brown hairstyles

Brown hair 2014

The new season is bringing new trends with it and you should be the first to walk together with the fashion. Make changes in you hairstyle, make-up and also don’t forget about the clothing. If you search a hair color for the new season as it requires changes, we have already solved your difficult task and gathered the most glamorous hair color ideas and one article, so that you could be inspired.

The latest dying techniques help to create real miracles on your head. A very good idea is to blend brighter colors with your natural color. The result is certain to be rather interesting and admirable. Let your imagination be free and wander in wild directions as well. Take into consideration the whole color palette.

blonde hair shades 2014Blonde hair shades

Blonde hair color 2014Blonde hair colour with shades

In the upcoming season the stress is put on two contrast trends. One of them is naturalness and the other is edgy style. So it’s up to your own preferences to choose one of them. Speaking about naturalness as you may guess brown is becoming the dominant color in the coming season. You’d better choose warm brown shades complemented with some kind of golden tone. The idea of dark chocolate is not bad either. These colors are perfect with your skin tone which is very important. As a decoration you can add some highlights that will make the impression more interesting. They will give an elegant look but the same time draw much attention.

Red hair shades 2014Red hair color 2014

Blonde hairstyle with black shades

Blue hair color with blonde shades

The hair colors 2014 that are natural will be trendy for all seasons. Thus you can understand that black, brown, red and blonde colors will be trendy in the coming season as well. The only thing that undergoes changes is the shade variation. Let us notice that even very little shade changes may cause global changes. Your task is to find the most proper one for you that will best suit your personality and physical appearance.

Blonde highlighting is a very good idea. But if you aim to go blonde completely think properly of it, because if you have darker hair color, it is necessary to use bleach. The bleach in its turn has a negative effect on hair and can easily harm your hair.



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