2013 Cool Pink Hair Color

New season is all about alternative and futuristic hairstyles and hair colors and the best way to stay in touch with the latest trends to opt for bold style. The greatest thing about alternative look is that it will become a real style and fashion statement so if you are ready to have eye popping look, check out the hottest pink hair color ideas and choose the most beloved style to spice up your look in a flash.

blonde hair color with pink highlights

celebrity pink hair color

As pink hair color doesn’t belong to the natural shades like blonde or brunette, you should be a hundred percent ready for dramatic changes. Block coloring can look really edgy and funky, however if you are not ready for drastic changes you can make things slower and begin with few tinted strands. Block coloring is more suitable for those who often experiment with their image and pink color can be great option to create alternative look.

Talking about pink hair highlights, I must say that the trend of pink highlights was very popular last year and it still continues the best one for bold hairstyle. Emos, punks as well as women who want to emphasize their strong individuality choose bright shades of pink like Atomic pink or Maniac pink. These shades will be in deep contrast with your natural hair color and will add sexy touch to your look. If you are looking for subtle color, choose cupcake pink or soft pink shade that will look elegant and stylish.

soft pink hair color

lovely pink hair color

blonde hair color pink undertone

2013 cool pale pink hair color

If you have already chosen pink shade for your next hot look, it is time to choose hair highlighting style. Dip dyeing, chunky highlighting and paneling are the most popular styles to create cool and dramatic look. Place the tinted strands on the upper layers and bang for breathtaking look or add highlights on the lower section for subtle look.

It is not so easy to maintain bright pink hair color. In order to have glossy and intense color you should use color protective formulas to prevent hair color from fading. Furthermore, use semi-permanent hair color for quick touch ups that will be less harmful for your tresses. Hair glaze can also be great option to enhance the color and add glam shine to your funky hairstyle.

dip dye hair color

Pink Hair highlights

2012 funky pink highlightssmashing pink hair highlights



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