2013 Bold Teal Hair Highlights

Alternative hairstyles have become very popular recently. Asymmetric haircut combined with vibrant hair color makes a real fashion statement so if you want to emphasize your strong personality and become a real trendsetter, kiss goodbye to your casual and boring hairstyle and opt for the hottest haircut and hair color.

lady gaga teal hair color

bold teal highlights

Wide palette of vibrant colors will first confuse you, however if you want to have really show stopping look, choose teal hair color. This shade is popular among emos and punks as well as among celebrities who like nontraditional look. Lady Gaga is the most eccentric celebrity who often rocks the red carpet with her shocking hairstyle and hair color. She opted for block coloring that looked really bold and funky. If you are not ready for dramatic changes, you can add few teal highlights to your base tone that will spice up your look with edgy and hot twist.

If you have already made up your mind to go for changes, your next step should be to choose highlight style that will be most suitable for your haircut. Paneling, dip dyeing and chunky highlighting are the most suitable styles that will look both hot and edgy on any haircut. Place the tinted strands on the upper layers for more eye catching look, while for subtle style add few highlights on the lower sections.

dip dyed hair color

bold hair highlighting

Once you have chosen highlight style, turn to pro colorist who will grant you with the hottest hairstyle without damaging your tresses. Do not try to color your hair for your own especially if you are rookie in the art of coloring. If you have some skills of hair dyeing you can create desired style at home only if you follow several tips. Girls with darker hair color should first bleach the section they want to be highlighted and then go on with teal color. If you have blonde hair you can use semi-permanent hair color that will create smashing style without damaging your tresses.

Teal hair color is not so easy to maintain, so in order to have glossy and smooth hair moisturize your tresses regularly. You can also use hair glaze that will enhance hair color and add blinding gloss.

funky hair color





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