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Fabulous Hairstyles for winter 2014

You hairstyle need some dramatic change with each coming year. Try out various interesting designs from natural-looking tresses to braids, updos and ponytails. All of them are considered to be rather stylish in winter 2014. Below are represented some fabulous hairstyles right from the runway. You are free to try them out. For that very reason take a closer look at the alternatives we offer.

Hairstyles for winter 2011-2012Hairstyles for winter 2012

Half up hairstyles for winter 2012Half up half down hairstyles 2012

Nowadays all the runways are full of trendy hairstyles for winter 2014. There are various designs like wet looking to sleek straight ones as well as many others, so that everyone could be satisfied irrespective of your hair length and texture. Try out messy buns, ponytails, loose alternatives and many others.

Asymmetrical haircuts 2013

2013 is a year of experiments with numerous hair styles. And one of the most important features of the year is asymmetry. You can create a stylish haircut on hair of every length.

Asymmetrical haircuts 2013Asymmetrical hairstyles 2013

haircuts 2013Short asymmetrical haircuts 2013

It of course depends on your way of life and personality what hairstyle and what kind of asymmetry you will choose. But be sure that you can find something for you because the hairstyles are really versatile. Hair cutting options and innovations are really surprising. When changing your appearance you always start from your hair as it is the most important thing while updating your look. And in order to look gorgeous and unique you should turn to your hairdresser asking for an asymmetrical haircut of 2013. You know that a hairstyle which you have seen in a magazine or on somebody doesn’t necessarily suit you. Your facial features and hair type may not coincide with hers. Ask your professional hair stylist for a good piece of advice so as you don’t look funny after the haircut is done. Hairstyles for curly and straight hair are different. Other important factor is the length of your hair as asymmetry doesn’t look the same on long, midi and short hair.

Long Punk Hairstyles and Haircuts

If you have long hair but you dream of punk haircuts, you don’t have to worry about the necessity of cutting it. Several accessories and creative ideas will be your friends on your way of getting an amazing punk hairstyle. Hairstylists have created a lot of different variations for you. So you just have to study the given examples and choose a hairstyle most appropriate for you.

Many years ago punks were in the same list with emos, scenes and Indies. And their hairdos were just a signal of being not like others, being different and out of traditions. The punks just shaved their heads, made clichés. But nowadays you are free to experiment with colors and haircuts. You have so many opportunities to show your creativity, courage and originality.

Punk hairstyles can be created on long, medium and short hair. So you should just choose a hairstyle which will suit you most and will help you feel comfortable, self-confident and unique.

Long punk haircutsLong Punk Hairstyles

Punk hairstylePunk hairstyles with bangs

Layered punk hairstyles

Be sure that everyone in the street, at your workplace and in any party will turn to look at your hairstyle if you choose a layered punk one. These versions are created for those who want to change their hairstyle but who will not agree with the fact of cutting their long hair. Unique punk style is obtained when a head is shaved or layers are razored. You will certainly stand out of the crowd.

Versatile haircuts 2013

Versatility is very popular and fashionable in 2013. It refers to everything, even hairstyles. We highly recommend you to try different hairstyles and hair styling products. It is very advisable to say good bye to dull and boring routine and welcome versatile haircuts 2013. You can have fabulous and eye catching appearance in several minutes. Try to be as creative as possible and don’t be afraid of changes, of being in the center of everyone’s attention.

Women are crazy about versatile haircuts these seasons. This tendency can be easily seen among a lot of celebrities as well. It isn’t a necessity to have long hair in order to be versatile. Professional hairdressers have created numerous stylish, fresh and amazing versatile hairstyles for 2013 for all hair lengths. The haircut helps you to look versatile and unique and not the length of your hair.

Long Versatile Haircuts for 2013Versatile Haircuts 2013

Selena gomez long layered haircutNew Layered haircuts for lon hair

Long hair

Of course it goes without saying that long hair is the most convenient for versatile haircuts and experiments. It is highly recommended to wear layers on your hair as they help you look fresh and make your hair have healthy look. On the other hand long hair requires more time to create a versatile haircut. You or your hairdresser will spent a bit more time styling your straight or curly, half up or down hairstyles, ponytails or updos and many other versions.

Long Hairstyles with Side Swept Bangs

If you long for an image of pretty and feminine image, add side swept bang to your fabulous long locks. Side bang will be suitable for both short and long hair and each time this accessory will transform your image in the best way.

2013 Long Hairstyles with Side Swept Bangs2013 Side Swept Bangs

Beautiful Hairstyles With side Bangshairstyle-with-bangs 2013

The bang will not only give breath to your look, but will also frame your face and at the same time hide your little faults. So, if you have round face, side bang is the best style, that will make your face look oval.

Stylish Loose Ponytail Hairstyles for Long Hair

Ponytail hairstyle is may be the most frequently chosen updo by women. You may not once practice bad hair days, and the best solution was ponytail. Ponytail hairstyle is considered to be a casual style; however, this article will show you new styles of ponytails that look gorgeous and chic.

Loose ponytails 2013

If you have chosen ponytail style as a casual updo, check out the benefits of this style. First of all this updo is very easy to do and does not need special skills to style. Besides, this hairstyle is perfect for hot summer weather, as this style opens your face and neck. At last, this style is suitable for all hair textures, so you will not have to style your hair beforehand.

Loose hairstyles 2013

Recently celebrities more often choose loose ponytail hairstyle for red carpet events, so stay in touch with red carpet events and get an inspiration from glamorous celebs.

Haircuts for round shaped faces

Hairstyle is a very influential part of your appearance. It draws attention or hides some features on your face. Women with round faces should pay attention to their hairstyle because roundness shouldn’t be emphasized. For this reason you should know which hairstyle is advisable for you and which is not.

As we know when choosing a hairstyle we pay attention to our facial features, face shape and type of the hair. You should find out the proper hairstyles for your face shape not to emphasize its roundness.

One of the most frequent mistakes is to choose a short hairstyle above chin. This hairstyle reveals the roundness of your face which isn’t required. So it is advisable to wear hairstyle below chin.

2013 hairstyles for round face shapesCute Medium hairstyles for round face shapes

Medium hairstyles for round face shapesround face shapes haircuts

Medium hairstyles for round face shapes

Medium hairstyles are very suitable for round shaped faces. The length of the hair is advised to be below chin. The more eye catching effect is reached when the hair is straight as it slims the shape of the face making it more oval. Bangs should be swept on one side. Try not to wear curls on your chin. Slimming effect is obtained by making your hair curly on the crown section of your head or by layering your curly mid length hair. All these secrets make your round face more oval.

2013 Classy Hairstyles for Business Ladies

Office outfit demands neat and polished look in clothing, makeup as well as hairstyle. Sometimes women choose such classy styles that they look rather dull and masculine. Having office outfit does not mean you should lose your femininity. If you have faced the problem of choosing proper hairstyle for office outfit, or you are looking for new styling ideas to complete your image, check out the following selection of classy hairstyles for business ladies and practice your styling skills to create similar look.

2013 short office hairstyle

2013 classy short haircut

First thing you should do is to find perfect haircut for your face shape and hair texture. This trick will help you to have trendy and stylish look. Furthermore, right chosen haircut will give you a chance to style your tresses without any effort.

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