Highlighted hairstyles

2013 Bold Teal Hair Highlights

Alternative hairstyles have become very popular recently. Asymmetric haircut combined with vibrant hair color makes a real fashion statement so if you want to emphasize your strong personality and become a real trendsetter, kiss goodbye to your casual and boring hairstyle and opt for the hottest haircut and hair color.

lady gaga teal hair color

bold teal highlights

Wide palette of vibrant colors will first confuse you, however if you want to have really show stopping look, choose teal hair color. This shade is popular among emos and punks as well as among celebrities who like nontraditional look. Lady Gaga is the most eccentric celebrity who often rocks the red carpet with her shocking hairstyle and hair color. She opted for block coloring that looked really bold and funky. If you are not ready for dramatic changes, you can add few teal highlights to your base tone that will spice up your look with edgy and hot twist.

2013 Elegant Hair Highlights Ideas

If you want to upgrade your look but you are not ready for drastic changes, there is still perfect solution to breathe life to your tresses without making dramatic changes. Subtle hair highlights will give brand new look to your hairstyle. Furthermore, elegant hair highlighting will add extra volume and definition to your hairstyle.

natural looking hair highlights 2013

2013 hair highlights

2013 natural looking highlights

2013 subtle hair highlights

There are zillion hair highlights styles for any taste and hairstyle so that you will surely find the most flattering style for you.  If you still doubt whether hair highlighting will be suitable for you or not, skim through this amazing selection of 2013 subtle hair highlights ideas and choose the most beloved style for your next hot look.

Hair Colors for Fall 2013

Show everyone that you are rather creative and hot with the help of gorgeous hair colors for fall 2012-2013. There are numerous color shades that are considered to be trendy in the upcoming season. The shades vary from vibrant to classy. As a result you are free to choose from the big range of color palette and pick a one that will best represent your personality and facial features.

Blonde hair color ideas 2013Blonde hair highlights 2013

hair color for 20132013 hair colors

Let us inform you that if you desire of dramatic changes a smashing haircut won’t bring that. Thus it won’t help you escape from the monotony. In this case your task is to consider more flattering and eye-catching ideas for your hair.

2013 Modern Hair Color Ideas

Add modern touch to your casual and boring hairstyle with one of these hot and trendy hair colors. Break all the patterns and norms with your ultra-flattering hair color and hairstyle and never miss your chance to stand out from the rest of the crowd with your brand new style.

2013 hair color ideas

2013 bright hair color

Red hair color 2013

2013 vibrant hair color

Say good bye to monotony and vamp up your look with vibrant hair color 2013. Do not shy away from experimenting with bold colors. If you are really adventurous and like to experiment with your image, opt for vibrant block coloring and make a dazzling fashion statement with your new image.

2013 Vibrant Punk Hair Color Trends

Get ready for total makeover with the 2013 vibrant punk hair color that will help you to break all the norms and patterns with your ultra-hot and chic hair colors. This year hair gurus offer you to leave behind subtle and natural shades and opt for modern and futuristic hairstyle and hair color that will make a dazzling style statement. So do not miss your chance to become a real trendsetter and pick one of vibrant punk hair colors for your next hot look.

2013 vibrant punk hair color

2013 bright punk hair color

2013 punk hair color trends

2013 funky hair color ideas

If you want to add definition and extra volume to your lifeless locks, opt for vibrant highlights that will breathe life to your tresses and give band new look to your casual hairstyle. Draw some inspiration from the following selection of vibrant hair color ideas and choose the most beloved one for your personality.

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