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Proper Hair Washing Tips

You may be surprised to learn, that you do not wash your hair properly and that it can cause many problems. It is high time to learn proper hair washing tips that will be first steps to have healthy hair.

Before applying shampoo make sure that all your tresses are wet. Use shampoo suitable for your hair type. Apply small amount of shampoo and with gentle motions massage your hair and scalp. Avoid massaging scalp with nails. Rinse your tresses and repeat the action, if you have oily hair. But if you have dry hair type, do not go overboard with shampoo, as you can make your hair drier. Rinze your hair thoroughly to wash out the shampoo.


Conditioning is very important for all hair types, so choose the one, that is suitable for your hair type and make sure it consists of more natural products. Apply conditioner to the edges and avoid applying it to the roots. Comb your hair in order to detangle it. Rinze your tresses thoroughly and finish the process with rinsing your tresses with cold water for more shiny hair.

Simple Tricks to Get Rid of Split Ends

The secret of dazzling hairstyle is healthy and shiny tresses. But sometimes you can face hair disasters like split ends. Most frequently split ends appear on long dry and frizzy hair. However, if you do not take care of your tresses, split ends can appear on short hair. The market is awash with hair care products for split ends, but you should remember one thing, that split ends cannot be repaired.

So what really happens with your tresses? External influences like sun rays, heat, styling tools and products, non professional brushes damage the cuticle.

Simple Tricks to Get Rid of Split Endsbrushing

The only thing you should do to get rid of split ends is to go for trimming. Regular trimming will make your tresses look fresh and healthy. However, trimming is not the only option to pervert your hair from split ends. Check out few life saving tips, which will help you to get rid of split ends.

If you have frizzy hair, it will be better, if you brush it before washing, thus you will detangle your hair and wash it easily. Use wooden comb with wide teeth, comb your hair gently. Do not brush wet hair, because wet tresses are more likely to be damaged.

Glossy Medium Hairstyles for 2013

With the approach of rainy season think of a hairstyle that will be maximum practical. For this very aim we hurry to ease your task with our offer for medium hairstyle alternatives. Medium hairstyles have a number of advantages. Among them are much versatility, low maintenance hair and also hair that can possess various styling options.

Glossy Medium Hair Style Trends 2013Glossy Medium Hair

platinum blonde hair color for medium hairshort to medium haircuts 2013

Alternatives with medium hair offer you result that helps to give your appearance a youthful touch due to the versatility that it contains. Find the most proper design for medium hair that will best underline your facial features and suit your personality. In case of any difficulty don’t hesitate to turn to the help of your pro hairstylist who is certain to help you and arm with the best ideas. If you take a closer look at the alternatives with medium hair you are sure to get a big supply of trendy hairstyle ideas right from the runway.

Curly Hairstyle Alternatives 2013

If you want to walk along with the fashion the first thing to do is to try out the latest trends for hair styling. We must say that you are a lucky person if you are in love with curly hairstyles, because these are the trends in 2013 that will be in fashion. If you pay attention to the runway you’ll certainly notice that it is full of curly hairstyles. Below are represented some hot ideas for curly hairstyles 2013.

If you want to get a perfect outlook that means that you should consider even the smallest details when choosing this or that hairstyle. It includes both the style itself and your facial features. With the help of multiple designs developed by the pro hairstylist you will probably find the best alternative for you to match both your personality and face shape.

runway hairstyles 2013runway curly hairstyles

center parted hairstyles for curly hairelegant runway hairstyles 2013

It is not a secret that curly hairstyle is the key solution if you want to underline your femininity and many world famous designers have so far understood it. Each of the designers adds some elements in curly hairstyles thus creating a big range of choice for women.

2013 Bold Highlight Ideas for Blonde Hair

Jazz up your look by adding bold highlights to your blonde hair. Casual and dull look is no longer trendy, instead edgy and bold image is the buzzword of the coming season.

Blonde hair color is the one, which creates sexy and magnetic image. That’s why most women go blonde. However, one tone hair color can soon bore you. This season is full of vibrant and bold colors that will add ultra hot and eye catching twist to your image. Look through the wide palette of highlight colors and choose the one for your transformation.

Blonde and citrus hues 2013Blonde hair highlights 2013

Blonde and black hair color 2013Blonde and black hair color

The versatility of highlights styles will give you a chance to create the desired image. If you are looking for more natural and classy look, spread highlighted strands all over your head, while for more edgy and breathtaking look place the tinted strands on the front part.

Light shades like orange, pink and citrus are the most popular highlight colors for blonde hair. Make sure the highlight color is suitable for your complexion. Do not go overboard; just add few thin highlighted strands to your style.

Must Have Natural Hair Styling Products

Nowadays market is awash with zillion hair styling products for any taste and purpose. Most of them are very harmful for your hair. Furthermore, even if you use high class products in a daily basis, your hair will soon become dull and frizzy. Styling products contain chemicals that cause hair loss and breakage. You may think that there is no way out, however there are few homemade styling products that will help you to create desired hairstyle and still have healthy and glossy hair.

natural hairspray

homemade hair styling products

If you want to add blinding gloss to your tresses, use the following recipe. Take an orange, chop it into pieces and place them into boiling water. Let water boil for 5 minutes and strain water to have natural orange juice. Apply ¼ cup of gin mixed with 7 drops of lavender essential oil and spritz the lotion on your damp hair.

Natural Hair Conditioner for Healthy Hair

Nowadays there are numerous hair care products that promise you to give your tresses healthy and glossy look. However most of them are simply useless. Furthermore, some products can cause hair breakage. If you are looking for new ways to take care of your tresses, check out the following homemade hair conditioner recipes that will revitalize your locks and give them healthy look.

Hair conditioner is definitely must have product that will help you to deal with dry and frizzy hair. Furthermore, deep conditioning will prevent split ends and tangling. Here are some of the most popular and efficient homemade conditioners that will enhance your locks with all necessary vitamins and minerals.

hair treatment with honey

homemade hair conditioning

Most homemade conditioners can also be used as hair masks and can be more effective. The most important thing is to find out which ingredients are useful for your hair type. Next thing to take into consideration when choosing natural conditioner is to opt for the one that is easily rinsed off. This is very important especially if you are in a hurry. So do not include honey or bananas into your treatment.

Professional Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss can become a real problem for both men and women, and if you do not prevent the hair loss, you will soon face the serious problem of baldness. You can make things less serious, if you learn to take care of your tresses.

The first thing that can cause hair loss is incorrect usage of hair conditioner. There are numerous types of hair conditioners for every hair type and texture, so that you will surely find the proper one. But before choosing the one, pay attention to ingredients. It will be better, if you choose the one, that is of organic ingredients. It means that the product contains less chemicals, thus it will be less harmful for your hair.

The common mistake that causes hair loss is conditioning the scalp. Hair conditioner should be applied only to the edges, not to the scalp.

If you have frizzy hair, do not comb your tresses when they are wet, try to comb them before washing. Keep on hand wide-tooth brush. Comb your hair gently. When towel drying your hair, be gentle, and do not wrap your tresses with a towel for a long time.

When you style your hair in an updo, try to create loose bun or loose ponytail, stay away from tight styles. If you take follow the above mentioned simple steprs, you will prvent hair loss and have strong tresses.

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