2014 Short Bob Hairstyles

This year too bob hairstyle is among the most popular and most frequently chosen hairstyles by beauty bunnies and celebrities. There are numerous styles of bob haircut but if you are looking for the one to highlight strong personality and sexuality opt for short bob hairstyle.

2014 short bob hairstyle

sexy short bob haircut

Thanks to modern hair cutting techniques you will be able to adopt desired image. All you have to do is to take into consideration some factors that will help you to choose the most flattering style for you.

Easy-to-do Hairstyles for Long Hair

Every girl knows that long hair is of high maintenance and only those who can devote much time and attention can wear super long hair. However, thanks to modern hair styling products as well as high class styling formulas one can easily maintain even extremely long hair. All you need is to know several lifesaving tricks to deal with long hair.

If you have grown out your hair and now have faced the problem of styling your hair, I have prepared some useful styles that are very easy to do and need minimal styling skills. You will not have to spend hours by the mirror to have smashing look. Just keep in mind these easy to do hairstyles for long hair and recreate desired style.

simple messy braid

side french-braid

side fishtail-braid

chic boho-braid

The most popular style of this season is simple side braid that is really easy to do yet so sexy and feminine. Simple French braid will be great option for any occasion be it beach party or business meeting. For more relaxed look you can create messy side braid and complete the look with colorful hair accessory. If you have some plating skills you can opt for creative fishtail braid that is oh so popular among celebs. Those who want to show off gorgeous long tresses can wear boho braid that looks simple fantastic on both wavy and straight hair.

Hair Highlight Ides for 2014 Summer

Summer is perfect time to spice up your look with hot and sexy twist and the easiest way to create glamorous look is to opt for multi tonal hair color. Both natural looking hair highlights and unimaginable color combos will look trendy and hot so check out the following selection of the latest hair highlights ideas and choose the most beloved one for your next beauty session.

2014 trendy hair highlights

2014 chic hair highlights

2013 natural hair highlights

2013 cool hair highlights

Wide palette of hair colors will help you to find the most flattering shade for you complexion and personality. So find the color and turn to pro colorist who will grant you with smashing multi tonal hair color. Never try to experiment with your tresses at home; otherwise you will have not only color disaster but also damaged hair.

Lovely Short Hairstyles 2014

This article is for those who are eager to experiment with their locks. All you have to do is to take a closer look at the alternatives that we offer. Even short hair allows you to use various styling options and techniques. Try to play with the natural texture of your tresses.

Short hairstyles with bangs 2014Short hair styles 2014

Short pixie hairstyles 2014Short haircuts 2014

Update your tresses with the help of most innovative ideas offered by the coming season. Don’t forget to follow the latest trends for hair fashion. Most of us desire about dramatic changes. So if you are among them a very good alternative is to try trimming your hair. The lovely short hairstyles that we offer contain a great amount of versatility and femininity. Among the best hairstyles are pixie designs and different styles of bob haircut.

Fashionable Hair Colors 2014

Be the one who always shines in the crowd. It is easy to get due to the following fashionable hair colors. Give a fresh breathe to your lifeless strands with the help of hair color alternatives below. First of all the color must suit your skin tone in order to reach some success.

2014 Hair colorsHair color 2014

Red hair colors 2014Red hair colour 2014

The coming season offers hair color alternatives that match every skin tone and personality. This article is for those who have brave character and are not afraid of playing with challenging colors and shades. The key solution to the bad hair days is to choose a color that will best suit your features and preferences. Don’t concentrate on the hair length so much, because hair dying techniques are proper for all hair lengths. Try out partial and block-colors. Don’t wait any longer to surprise the people surrounding you.

Easy-to-Style Runway Hairstyle Ideas 2014

A very easy to underline the style is to get the proper hairstyle that will perfectly reveal your character and face shape. Remember that even the slightest details are important for the best result. Try out the latest hairstyle trends and choose one that is most dear to you. Get a fabulous look with the impression that you didn’t even try.

Runway Messy Hairstyles 2014Runway Updo Hairstyles

Easy runway hairstyles 2014long hairstyles for 2014

The runway is full of hairstyle designs representing the trends of 2014. We advise you to try out them. They will give you the look that you always desired. You just need to experiment. It is necessary for you to find out which is the best alternative for you, as you shouldn’t forget about your facial features and personality that you possess.

Fabulous Hairstyles for winter 2014

You hairstyle need some dramatic change with each coming year. Try out various interesting designs from natural-looking tresses to braids, updos and ponytails. All of them are considered to be rather stylish in winter 2014. Below are represented some fabulous hairstyles right from the runway. You are free to try them out. For that very reason take a closer look at the alternatives we offer.

Hairstyles for winter 2011-2012Hairstyles for winter 2012

Half up hairstyles for winter 2012Half up half down hairstyles 2012

Nowadays all the runways are full of trendy hairstyles for winter 2014. There are various designs like wet looking to sleek straight ones as well as many others, so that everyone could be satisfied irrespective of your hair length and texture. Try out messy buns, ponytails, loose alternatives and many others.

Fall/Winter 2014 Banana Hairstyles Ideas

If you need some changes in your outlook and don’t want to change the hair cut itself we would like to introduce you the banana hairstyle ideas that seem to make us return to the retro style of 60’s. Underline your natural beauty and femininity with the help of this marvelous hairstyle and be in the centre of attention due to it.

Banana Hairstyles 2014banana hairstyles

The power to attract attention is gained due to the fact that it is styled in a bit extraordinary way. The main component here is the banana shape design which is created at the top part of the head. It gives a sort of retro touch to you. Btu at the same time it is rather trendy and fashionable. Not to forget the amount versatility that it contains.

Long Banana HairstylesBlonde Banana Hairstyles

As you know hairstyle is a very important part of you outlook. Thus you should pay very special attention to it and try to be maximum stylish by getting the best design for you. Let us add that banana hairstyles can be worn on any kind of occasion irrespective of being formal or informal. But you should be very brave in order to wear this hairstyle because it draws a very big amount of attention everywhere you appear to go.